Maude Côté

Maude Côté joined the Juriseo Avocats team in August 2023. She worked as a manager for nearly 8 years for a multinational company, where she developed solid management skills. Passionate about the legal field, she then spent nearly three years with a multidisciplinary firm specializing in family and personal law. As a paralegal, she uses… Continue reading Maude Côté

Audrey Charron-Gagnon

A native of Laval, Audrey Charron-Gagnon is proud to have joined the firm in 2022 as a paralegal dedicated to family law. His decision to join our firm was motivated by a deep desire to excel in his chosen field and to provide unrivalled support to our team of experienced lawyers. Thanks to her specialized… Continue reading Audrey Charron-Gagnon

Georgia Angelopoulos

Me Alexandra Gravelle

Mr. Gravelle joined Juriseo Avocats in August 2023, having previously focused his professional development on family law in private practice. Although she works on contentious cases, Ms. Gravelle favors the use of alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible. Not only does she plead cases before the courts, but she is also actively involved in alternative… Continue reading Me Alexandra Gravelle

Me Audrey Éthier

Originally from Terrebonne, Audrey Éthier joined the firm as an articling student, in preparation for her call to the Quebec Bar. Since 2022, she has practised with dedication and passion as a lawyer, with a particular focus on family law, an area in which she has quickly made a name for herself. Defending the interests… Continue reading Me Audrey Éthier

Me Jasmyne Bouchard

Jasmyne Bouchard, a proud Terrebonne native, joined Juriseo Avocats in March 2021 to complete her articling period prior to her call to the Quebec Bar. Her passion and dedication to family law quickly made her a key member of our team. From the outset, Maître Bouchard has demonstrated an innate talent for family law, an… Continue reading Me Jasmyne Bouchard

Me Michaël Lévesque

At the heart of Quebec family law is Maître Michaël Lévesque, a seasoned lawyer associated with the firm Avocats de famille. His devotion and commitment to defending the rights of individuals before Quebec courts is undeniable, whether at trial or appeal level. In a field as sensitive and crucial as family law, Maître Lévesque never… Continue reading Me Michaël Lévesque

Me Isabelle Chatigny

Since her first year in private practice in 2015, Maître Isabelle Chatigny has come an impressive way, particularly distinguishing herself in the field of family litigation. Her passion for the legal profession is palpable, and shines through in every case she handles. At Avocats de famille, we’re proud to have a lawyer like Maître Chatigny,… Continue reading Me Isabelle Chatigny

Me Lorraine Talbot

Lorraine Talbot holds a law degree from the Université de Montréal, and has been a member of the Quebec Bar since 1982. Based in Terrebonne since 1983, she initially practiced in several areas before focusing her practice on personal and family law, as well as construction law. As a family lawyer, she doesn’t just represent… Continue reading Me Lorraine Talbot

Is alimony tax-deductible in Canada?

Mother hugging her daughter on the sofa

Some people believe that alimony is tax-deductible for the payer and that, conversely, the recipient must declare it as income. This statement is partially true, as alimony payable to a former spouse is tax deductible. On the other hand, alimony paid for the benefit of minor or adult children has been fully tax-exempt since 1997.[1]… Continue reading Is alimony tax-deductible in Canada?