International Family Law Lawyers

International Family Law Lawyers

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Today, family law issues know no borders. Whether it’s child custody, child support or the recognition of foreign judgments, international family law has become an unavoidable field of action for many families. 


Located in Terrebonne, Avocats de Famille is here to help you deal with the complexity and sensitivity of these issues. Our international family law lawyers offer in-depth, personalized support, ensuring that your rights are respected, regardless of the jurisdictions involved. 

Our objective? To provide you with peace of mind at these often delicate moments in your life, by guiding you through the international legal maze with skill and compassion.


Why call on the services of a lawyer specializing in international family law?

Navigating the sometimes murky waters of international family law requires specific expertise and in-depth knowledge of international conventions and local legislation. Lawyers specializing in international family law are essential for a number of reasons:


– Legal expertise in private international law: They understand the complexities of private international law and know how to maneuver between different legal systems to protect your interests.

– Dispute resolution: Whether it’s a question of child custody, alimony or property division, an international family law attorney facilitates the resolution of disputes involving multiple jurisdictions.

– Recognition of foreign judgments: They can help you have a foreign judgment recognized and enforced by a Quebec court, a crucial step in enforcing family-related decisions.

Services covered by our international family law assistance

– Child custody and access: Assistance in custody proceedings involving foreign jurisdictions, including negotiation of custody agreements that respect Quebec’s laws of public order.

– Child and ex-wife alimony: Establishment, modification and enforcement of alimony for ex-wife and child support across international borders.

– Recognition of foreign judgments: Procedures for recognition and enforcement in Quebec of foreign family court decisions.

– International marriage and divorce: Legal advice on the implications of marriage and divorce in different countries, including property division and international prenuptial agreements.

– International child abduction: Assistance in cases of international child abduction, working through international conventions to ensure the safe return of the child.

– Conflicts of law: Resolution of conflicts arising from divergence between the family laws of different countries.

– Private international law consultation: Advice on how private international law affects your family situation, including issues of nationality, residence and jurisdiction.

Why choose our international family law attorneys?

When you choose Avocats de Famille for your international family law needs, you choose recognized expertise and a personalized approach. Our lawyers are not only experts in family law in Quebec and around the world, they also understand the emotional and practical challenges associated with these often complex situations. Here’s what sets our firm apart:


– Human approach: We know that behind every case there are personal stories and significant issues at stake. That’s why we take an empathetic and supportive approach.

– Tailor-made solutions: Understanding your unique situation enables us to design customized legal strategies that precisely meet your needs.

– Professional excellence: Our commitment to the quality of our work and the integrity of our practice ensures that you receive the best possible support.

Frequently asked questions about international family law

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about international family law.

Family law deals with family relationships and their legal implications within a single jurisdiction. International family law, on the other hand, deals with the same issues, but in a cross-border context, requiring an understanding of private international law.

In such a case, the most immediate recourse would be to turn to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, aimed at ensuring the prompt return of children wrongfully removed or retained. 

Our international family law lawyers specializing in international family law can help you initiate urgent proceedings for the return of your child.

International maintenance management can involve the recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions. Our services include assistance with these procedures to ensure that maintenance obligations are respected across borders.

Yes, but certain conditions must be met for the divorce to be officially recognized. This may include verifying that both parties have been duly notified of the proceedings and that the judgment does not contravene Quebec public order. 

Our team can guide you through the process of having your divorce recognized in Quebec.

In addition to international family law, our firm is here to help you with your family law matters in Quebec, including :


– Adoption

– Divorce

– Child custody

– Child support

– Separation of family assets

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If you’re facing international family law challenges that transcend borders, Avocats de Famille in Terrebonne is here to support you. Whether your situation involves child custody, child support, recognition of foreign judgments, or any other aspect of international family law, our specialized attorneys are ready to assist you. 

Contact us now for an initial consultation, and let us guide you towards the best legal solutions for you and your family. Together, we can overcome legal obstacles, wherever they may be in the world.