Mariage and Divorce Lawyers

Mariage and Divorce Lawyers

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Divorce services

Navigating through the challenges of divorce can be complicated and emotionally taxing. At Avocats de famille, we understand how delicate this period can be, and we’re here to guide you with rigor and empathy.

Under Quebec provincial law, divorce is a legal process that puts an end to a civil marriage. Every divorce is unique, as are the circumstances surrounding each couple. A dedicated team that understands the specificities of Quebec law is essential to protect your interests.

Why choose Avocats de famille?

Our team is made up of seasoned lawyers with in-depth knowledge of the nuances of family law in Quebec. We’re not just legal practitioners; we’re your allies in these difficult times. We’ll make sure your rights are vigorously defended, and help you get the most for you and your family’s well-being.


The stages of a divorce :

Filing for divorce

This is the first formal step, when one of the spouses files a petition with the court.

Sharing assets

The matrimonial regime chosen at the time of your marriage (generally partnership of acquests or separation as to property) will determine how the assets will be divided.

Child support and custody

Depending on the situation, arrangements will have to be made for child custody and maintenance.

Dispute resolution

Our role is to represent you and assert your rights, working to find the best possible solutions for you and your family.

The conclusion

Once all the issues have been resolved, the divorce can be finalized.

Each step requires a thorough understanding of Quebec law. Our lawyers are here to enlighten, advise and represent you.

In conclusion

At Avocats de famille, we are determined to offer you quality service, based on listening, rigor and respect. When you’re facing divorce, it’s crucial to surround yourself with professionals who know Quebec’s legal landscape and will defend your interests with determination.