Child Custody Lawyers

Child Custody Lawyers

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Every family is unique, and deserves an approach tailored to its needs. When you’re faced with a childcare situation, it’s essential to have an experienced team at your side to guide you. At Avocats de famille, we understand the complexity of family situations and the importance of protecting your children’s interests.

La joint custody is an option considered by many parents to ensure the child’s well-being, while maintaining a balance between the two parents. According to Quebec provincial legislation, shared custody implies that the child spends at least 40% of his or her time with each parent. This requires fluid communication and collaboration between both parties.

In addition to shared custody, issues relating to right of access and parental parental time are essential. Every parent has the right to know the details of their child’s education, health and leisure activities. At Avocats de famille, we ensure that your rights, and those of your child, are respected.

Finally, the question of child support is often a source of worry for parents. This is determined on the basis of the parents’ income, time spent with the child and other relevant factors. Our firm is committed to providing you with sound advice on this subject, to ensure adequate financial security for your children.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with your childcare needs, we invite you to contact Avocats de famille to make an appointment. Our dedicated team is ready to vigorously defend your rights.