Adoption Lawyers

Adoption Lawyers

A legal and humane approach

In the quest to expand a family or recognize an existing parental figure, adoption is a choice imbued with love and generosity. Located in Terrebonne, Avocats de Famille stands out for its unique expertise in family law, and more specifically in adoption procedures. 


Our team of adoption lawyers will accompany you with professionalism and empathy on this legal and emotional journey, aimed at uniting children in search of a loving family and parents eager to provide a loving home. Adoption isn’t just a legal act; it’s the building of a family, a lifelong commitment that begins with a journey overseen by seasoned professionals. 

That’s why we understand the importance of this process, and do our utmost to ensure that your adoption takes place under the best possible conditions.


Why hire a lawyer to adopt a child?

Adopting a child is a complex process, punctuated by numerous legal and administrative steps.


For several reasons, calling on the services of a lawyer is crucial. Firstly, an adoption lawyer offers personalized support, ensuring that all procedures are correctly followed and that files are duly completed and filed. This includes drafting essential legal documents and advising on meetings with social services or accredited bodies.


Finally, an adoption attorney also helps you navigate the maze of laws and regulations, ensuring that your rights, and those of the child, are protected every step of the way.

Whether you opt for a local adoption or an international adoption, the expertise of an adoption attorney is indispensable in overcoming legal hurdles and simplifying the process. What’s more, in the event of complications or disputes, your lawyer becomes your best advocate, ensuring that your journey to parenthood runs smoothly.

Services covered by our adoption assistance

– Initial advice and guidance: Information on the different forms of adoption (regular adoption and adoption through the Mixed Bank program).

– File preparation: Assistance in drafting and filing the necessary legal documents.

– Legal representation: Representation in court and at meetings with adoption agencies or social services.

– Process follow-up: Support throughout the adoption process, from initial consultation to finalization of the adoption.

– Litigation support: Intervention in the event of disputes or complications during the adoption process.

Possible adoption steps in Quebec

Orientation and initial training

Mandatory participation in information sessions and adoption preparation courses.

Psychosocial assessment

An assessment is carried out by social services to ensure that the adoptive parents are a good match for the child's needs.

File approval

Obtaining approval from the competent authority to be considered eligible for adoption.


Selection of the child according to the profile of the adoptive parents and vice versa.

Placement order

Phase of welcoming the child into his or her new family.

Adoption decree

Official legal procedure confirming the creation of a family bond between the parents and the adopted child.

Why choose our adoption lawyers in Montreal?

Opting for the services of Avocats de Famille means choosing a team of dedicated family law attorneys who are passionate about their profession, and who place the interests of the child and his or her future family at the heart of their practice. Our in-depth knowledge of Quebec family law, combined with our experience in adoption cases, enables us to offer tailor-made support that respects the emotions and aspirations of each individual. 

When you choose Avocats de Famille, you benefit from a reliable and competent partner, working to make your adoption project a happy and legally secure reality.

Frequently asked questions about adoption in Quebec

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about adoption in Quebec.

The length of the adoption process can vary greatly depending on the type of adoption, the origin of the child, and other factors specific to the case. In general, adoption in Quebec can take anywhere from a few months to several years.

Yes, international adoption is possible, but it requires navigating the adoption laws of the child’s country of origin, as well as international agreements. A lawyer specialized in international family law can help you with this complex process.

Adoption eligibility criteria vary according to the type of adoption. In general, applicants must pass a psychosocial assessment, prove their financial and emotional stability, and demonstrate their ability to meet a child’s needs.

Yes, adoption of a partner’s child (stepparent adoption) is a common form of adoption, making it possible to legally formalize the parental relationship.

In addition to adoption, Avocats de Famille offers other legal services for parents in Quebec, including :


Parental authority

– Declaration of paternity

– International family law

– Filiation

Trust our adoption lawyers in Montreal for your adoption case

At Avocats de Famille, we know that behind every adoption file lies a dream: to form a family. Our mission is to support you in your adoption process with kindness and professionalism, offering you the best chances of success. 


When you choose our firm, you can be sure of a safe, supervised adoption experience that complies with Quebec law. We’re here to help make your dream a reality.


Contact us today to benefit from our adoption assistance.