Our Family Law Fields of Practices

Our Family Law Fields of Practices

Avocats de Famille is your reference for family law in Terrebonne, near Montreal. Our law firm offers a full range of legal services, specializing in all facets of family law. 

From adoption and separation to alimony and international cases, we’re dedicated to defending your rights and protecting your interests.

Extensive expertise in family law

At Avocats de Famille, we have in-depth expertise in the various aspects of family law. For example, our team is highly qualified to handle adoption and parentage cases, providing invaluable assistance in proceedings to establish and recognize parental ties


Also, in matters of separation and divorce, we offer strategic advice for the negotiation of custody agreements and the division of family assets, while dealing effectively with issues of child support and ex-wife alimony

Finally, our practice also extends to international family law, where we carefully address the challenges of cross-border cases. This global expertise enables us to provide a tailor-made solution to every situation, protecting the rights and welfare of our clients at every stage.

All areas covered by our Family Law Attorneys

The Best Family Law Attorneys

We are also distinguished by our team of attorney for family law, who are among the most competent and dedicated in Quebec. Our professionals possess a deep understanding of the nuances of family law, combined with significant experience in all its areas, including complex international family law cases. 


In addition, we place particular emphasis on the quality of our support and the effectiveness of the solutions we propose, enabling us to meet the specific needs of each client with precision and empathy. 

Finally, our commitment to excellence and to defending our clients’ interests makes us a benchmark in the field of family law. All this makes Avocats de Famille the best family law attorneys in Montreal, and beyond.

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If you’re facing a family law issue in Terrebonne or elsewhere, Avocats de Famille is your ally in your case. Our attorney for family law is ready to listen to you, understand your needs and offer you the right legal solutions. 


Whether it’s a question of divorce, child custody, alimony or any other family law concern, we’re here to help. 

Schedule an appointment today for expert advice and reliable support every step of the way. Contact us today and let us guide you to the best possible outcome. At Avocats de Famille, your peace of mind is our priority.