Paternity Lawyers

Paternity Lawyers

Legal support with integrity

Acknowledging paternity is a crucial legal process with far-reaching personal and legal repercussions, especially in Quebec. Specialized in family law, Avocats de Famille is here to help you move your paternity case forward.


Whether to confirm, contest or establish a filiation relationship, the intervention of a specialized lawyer is often essential to confidently navigate this complex process. 

Our firm of family law experts offers personalized, respectful support, ensuring that your rights and those of your child are fully respected and recognized.


Why use a lawyer for a declaration of paternity?

The declaration of paternity is a legal act with far-reaching consequences for the life of the child, the father and the family as a whole. It goes far beyond mere legal recognition; it involves the establishment of parental rights and duties, inheritance and financial support. In this context, calling in a lawyer for a paternity test or paternity acknowledgement becomes crucial.


A specialized lawyer can effectively guide you through the various legal options available. In addition to providing you with valuable legal advice, the lawyer represents your interests in court, ensuring that all procedures are correctly followed and that your case is convincingly presented.

With the complexity of the laws surrounding the declaration of paternity in Quebec, or even the contestation of paternity, the expertise of a lawyer becomes indispensable. This not only ensures that your rights are respected, but also that a solid foundation is laid for your child’s future in Quebec.

Services covered by our paternity declaration assistance

– Legal advice and assessment of your situation: An initial consultation to understand your specific needs and assess the best course of action.

– Paternity test accompaniment: Guidance in the process of requesting and interpreting the results of the Quebec paternity test.

– Paternity declaration procedures: Assistance for fathers wishing to acknowledge their paternity to a child.

– Assistance with late declaration of paternity: Support for fathers wishing to establish their filiation link after the initial period following birth.

– Representation in cases of contested paternity: Defending your interests if you seek to contest paternity already established or presumed.

Steps to declare/contest paternity in Quebec

Initial consultation

Assessment of your situation and determination of the best strategy to adopt.

Paternity test (if required)

Coordination with certified laboratories to obtain a reliable DNA test.

Filing of legal claim

Drafting and filing of the legal documents required to initiate the process of acknowledging or contesting paternity.

Court representation

Assistance and representation during hearings, pleadings and throughout the legal process.

Case resolution and follow-up

Post-judgment follow-up to ensure that decisions are implemented and measures ordered.

These steps are tailored to your specific case, always aiming to protect your interests and those of your child.

Why choose our paternity lawyers?

When you choose Avocats de Famille, you choose recognized expertise in family law in Quebec. Our team of paternity lawyers is committed to :


– Personalized support: We understand that every family is unique, which is why we offer advice and representation tailored to your specific needs.

– In-depth legal expertise: Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Quebec family law, ensuring effective, informed representation.

– Humane and respectful approach: We treat each case with sensitivity and respect, mindful of the emotional impact these proceedings can have on families.


When you call on our services, you can be sure that your rights and those of your child are in good hands, with the assurance of first-rate legal support in Terrebonne and the surrounding area.

Frequently asked questions about declaration of paternity in Quebec

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about declaration of paternity in Quebec.

The declaration can be made as soon as the child is born, or at any time thereafter. However, it is advisable to do so as soon as possible to establish rights and responsibilities.

Not always, but it may be required by the court to establish paternity indisputably, especially in the event of a dispute.

The court may issue an order to this effect.

A specialist lawyer will guide you through the legal process, draw up and file the necessary documents, and represent you in court to defend your rights and those of your child.

The presumption of paternity is a legal rule whereby the mother’s husband is automatically recognized as the legal father of any child born during the marriage or within 300 days of its dissolution or annulment

This presumption can be challenged in court, usually by a DNA paternity test, if the husband or another claimant to paternity questions this attribution. The challenge must be made within a strict legal framework and within precise time limits set by law.

In addition to the declaration of paternity, Avocats de Famille is here to help you with other paternity-related procedures:


– Adoption

– Parental authority

– Filiation

– Child support

– Marriage separation

Advance your declaration of paternity case

At Avocats de Famille, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way as you seek to acknowledge or contest paternity. Our team of experienced family lawyers is ready to offer you personalized, professional support to ensure that your rights and those of your child are respected. 

Don’t wait any longer to secure your family’s future and contact us today for an initial consultation. Together, we can assert your rights and ensure a peaceful future for your child.