Paternity Lawyers

Paternity Lawyers

Declaration and Contestation of Paternity in Quebec

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The declaration of paternity is an essential legal procedure for establishing the biological and legal link between a father and his child. At the same time, paternity can be contested when this link is called into question. These steps, though essential, can be emotionally taxing. In Quebec, these matters are governed by the Civil Code of Québec, ensuring that each case is treated with the care and rigor it deserves. At Avocats de famille, we are dedicated to accompanying you through these crucial moments with professionalism and sensitivity.

A declaration of paternity officially establishes the parent-child relationship between a father and his child. It can be particularly important for social, emotional and legal reasons. This can influence decisions concerning custody, visiting rights and support obligations. On the other hand, contesting paternity may be necessary if there is evidence that there is no biological link.

Each situation is unique and requires a tailored approach. Our experienced lawyers will provide you with assistance based on respect and diligence, ensuring that every step of the process is transparent and compliant with Quebec provincial legislation. Their commitment is to vigorously defend your rights and ensure that all procedures comply with legal standards.

As well as providing legal support, we make it a point of honor to build a relationship of trust with our customers. We understand the importance of these proceedings and the impact they can have on families. Contact Family Lawyers today to make an appointment and benefit from legal support that puts your well-being first.