Separation of de facto spouses

Separation of de facto spouses

Avocats de famille

Understanding the implications of joint ownership

The separation of de facto spouses is an increasingly relevant topic in modern Quebec society. Unlike marriage, cohabitation does not automatically provide certain rights and protections under provincial legislation. At Family Lawyers, we’re here to guide you through this complex area, especially when it comes to jointly-owned property.


Jointly-owned assets

Family residence

It's often a couple's most precious possession. If the residence is jointly owned, both parties have rights to the property. In the event of a separation, the question of who can stay and how value will be shared must be addressed.

Joint bank accounts

The funds in these accounts are generally considered to belong to both the couple. In the event of separation, a decision must be made regarding the distribution of these funds.

Joint debts

Both parties are liable for any debt contracted jointly. It is crucial to understand who is responsible for what amount.

Jointly-owned companies

Separation can complicate the management of jointly-owned companies. An evaluation may be necessary to determine each individual's share.

Jointly-owned properties

Like the family home, other properties such as land or rental properties must be considered when dividing assets.

Family vehicles

Who keeps the family car or van? Is it shared, sold, or does one spouse buy out the other?

The importance of surrounding yourself with the right advisors

Sound advice is essential for navigating the nuances of Quebec’s de facto spousal law. Our experienced team is committed to vigorously defending your rights and ensuring a fair outcome for you.

In conclusion

Separation is never easy, especially when joint assets are at stake. Calling on Family Lawyers to guide you through this delicate process can make all the difference. Don’t wait, contact us today to schedule an appointment and explore your options.